Thai Fit

About us

The beginnings of Thai massage date back to 1998 in this country, when the owner was on holiday in Thailand on the island of Koh Samet with his parents. He became acquainted with the wonderful effects of Thai massage right on the beach, in the untouched nature. After he returned he naturally asked himself, “why don’t we have this here?”

This happened in January and within four months he managed the seemingly impossible – in spite of enormous difficulties, particularly of an administrative character, the first two Thai masseuses arrived in Prague in May 1998!

Thai Fit, the first studio in the Czech Republic

From this date the Thai Fit Studio became the first to provide Thai massages in the Czech Republic, exclusively using Thai masseuses with diplomas.

Traditional Thai Massage

Following our pioneer beginnings when we were the first to educate people about what Thai massage actually is and what it is good for, and during which time we encountered the fact that most people believed Thai massage to be an erotic massage (however, this belief has no basis because anyone who is familiar with Thailand knows that Traditional Thai Massage and Reflexory Foot Massage has nothing to do with erotic services), this technique is now gaining more and more supporters.

One Thai Fit Studio was not enough

Over the years Thai Fit became so popular that we gradually opened other studio and the number of masseuses significantly increased. We only select top-rate masseuses, with certificates and experience from prestigious Thai massage salons, for work in the Thai Fit Studio.

Our clientele includes well-known celebrities (artists, politicians, sportsmen), entrepreneurs, officials, labourers, students and pensioners, small children and mothers on maternal leave.

Welcome to our home

As sometimes happens, the owner married a beautiful and kind Thai woman several years ago and so we live here as one big happy family. We celebrate Thai and Czech holy days, we spend our free time together and we also create a pleasant atmosphere for clients, full of harmony and well-being.