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Chocolate Massage


Luxury massage with hot chocolate gives the body much more than a feeling of sweet relaxation and pleasure.

Chocolate was highly appreciated already by the Ancient Aztecs for its exceptional composition and action on the organism. It is known for its rejuvenating, anti-depression and aphrodisiac effects.

Thanks to the content of a unique composition of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, alkaloids and anti-oxidants, it stimulates and calms the organism at the same time.

Effects of Chocolate Massage

Chocolate nourishes the body cells, relaxes the muscles, relieves pain (head, back), heats and helps maintain body temperature, expands the veins and thus improves blood return.

It is capable of boosting the metabolism; it acts against retention of water (swellings), detoxification of the organism, also beneficial during slimming and shaping of the body. Chocolate massage nourishes, softens, cleanses, stretches the skin and gives it lustre. It protects against free radicals, which cause ageing, and eliminates cellulite and striae.

Chocolate pleasurably relieves stress and brings a feeling of perfect ease and happiness.

Visit us and experience the Chocolate Massage that combines the sensational features of chocolate with the skill of our Thai masseuses in the pleasant and cosy environment of the Thai Fit studios. A never-to-be-forgotten experience is also the Chocolate Massage for Two in an intimate candle light atmosphere.

Chocolate Massage at the Thai Fit Studio:

Type of massage Length
Chocolate Massage 60 min.