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Foot Reflexology Massage


Foot Reflexology Massage is a healing method that is almost 5000 years old based on the stimulation of the reflex points.

Foot Reflexology Massage is a continuation of ancient Chinese therapy, e.g. acupuncture, but it is completely non-invasive and pleasant. Instead of using needles, only the pressure of fingers and small wooden sticks is used.

Many points and zones that form meridians (energy paths) that are connected with all the body organs exist on the feet. By stimulation of these points, it is possible to positively influence the functions of related organs, boost their natural rejuvenation, relieve them of pain, or even completely heal them.

Reflex massage re-establishes the flow of life energy, harmonizes the activity of the organs, improves the function of the blood and lymphatic system, helps the organism to expel toxic substances, strengthens the nervous system and relieves tension and stress.

Reflexology may play a major role in the attainment and maintenance of better health condition and evoke physical and mental harmony.

Foot Reflexology Massage at the Thai Fit Studio:

Type of massage Length
Foot Reflexology Massage 60 min.