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Lava Stone Massage


Lava Stone Massage is considered as the Queen of Massage, not only for its non-recurring experiences, but also for its effects on the organism.

The lava stones massage is pleasantly relaxing and gets playful when the masseuse places hot stones on the body, places them on the palms, soles and between the toes, massages and rattles them. The exceptionalness of this massage consists in the placement of hot lava stones on the body, special hand massage using essential aromatic oil and subsequent massaging with the stones.

The Lava Stone Massage Process

Lava stones heated to a temperature of 50 – 60°C are placed on the energy centres of the body, which they heat, thus releasing and agitating energy in the energy lines (meridians). The accumulated heat, together with the energetic vibrations of the lava stones, releases the blocked energy lines resulting in the balancing and harmonization of energy in the body. Subsequent massage with hot smooth lava stones agitates the blood circulation and lymphatic system. They heat and relax the muscles and boost the metabolism. After this, the organism is strongly detoxified.

Effect of Lava Stone Massage

Lava Stone Massage is highly effective against pain (back, neck, head, joints, muscles) and cramps. It relaxes all stress, physical and mental. Thanks to rapid detoxification, it has a slimming effect and significantly reduces cellulite. The warm body perfectly absorbs the essential nutrient oil with deep action. The skin remains supple, hydrated, velvety and tender.

Lava Stone Massage is very pleasant and relaxing. The stones are hot, but we need not fear that they will scald us. The first to take them into her sensitive hands is the masseuse. At the beginning when the temperature difference between the cold skin and the stones is still big, we may have the feeling that they are quite hot. After a while, the body temperature rises and the massage is very pleasant and cosy. A person to whom the temperature seems to be really unacceptably high may tell the masseuse that they are "scorching" and she cools them.

„ The massage is not suitable for pregnant women, people with varicose veins, skin diseases, cancer, fever and infectious diseases and people that are hypersensitive to heat.“

We wish you perfect relaxation, harmony and an exquisite feeling of hot happiness during the massage with lava stones, whose extraordinary effects on the body and spirit will remain with you even several days afterwards. You can also experience the massage together with your spouse in the pleasant and cosy environment of the Thai Fit studios.

Lava Stone Massage at the Thai Fit studios:

Type of massage Length
Lava Stone Massage *   60 min.
Lava Stone Massage *   120 min.

* This massage is performed only in our studio Thaifit 2, Vodickova 791/41.