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Oil massages


Oil massages are highly relaxing and harmonizing. They are an optimal means to attaining good physical condition and mental ease.

Quality natural oil is used to massage the entire body. According to the type of oil selected, it also has aroma therapeutic and physiotherapeutic effects. We currently offer 7 types of massage oils.

We offer the following types of oil massages:

Thai Oil Massage

Thai Oil Massage contains elements of Traditional Thai Massage as well as elements of Indian Ayurveda, one of the oldest healing systems in the world. It relieves back and muscle pain, joint problems, improves blood circulation, agitates the lymphatic system, strengthens immunity. It is excellent prevention against illness. It harmonizes, heals, strengthens the body and offers perfect relaxation.

Slimming Oil Massage

This unique hand massage using special anti-cellulite oil results in release of excess fat , detoxification, loss of centimetres, smoothing of the skin and alleviation of cellulite. Slimming massage is purpose massage and the least relaxing of the series of oil massages.

Hawaii – Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Massage)

The Hawaiian Massage of „loving hands“ with long, deep strokes, relaxes muscle tension and agitates energy. It also affects the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Candella Massage

Massage using hot oil from a lighted aromatic Guergi massage candle results in perfect relaxation of the body and mind, relief of stress and boosting of energy. The unique composition of natural substances provides nutrients to the skin. The hot oil rich in minerals and the candle light give you pleasant relaxation and a remarkable experience.

Gold Oil Massage

For this exclusive massage, we use oil with 24 Carat Gold. The Gold acts against ageing of the skin, stimulates the metabolism and protects cellular DNA. The Gold, at the same time, has a great influence on detoxification and regeneration of the epidermis. It lends the skin youthfulness, energy and lustre.

Visit us and experience the exquisite feeling evoked by our experienced and qualified Thai masseuses.

Oil Massage at the Thai Fit Studio:

Type of massage Length
Thai Oil Massage 60 min.
Thai Oil Massage 90 min.
Thai Oil Massage 120 min.
Hawaii – Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Massage) 60 min.
Thai Gold Oil Massage 60 min.
Thai Gold Oil Massage 90 min.
Thai Gold Oil Massage 120 min.
Candella Massage 60 min.
Candella Massage 90 min.
Candella Massage 120 min.
Slimming Oil Massage 60 min.