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Traditional Thai Massage


Nuad Borán (in Thai "Ancient Massage")
(Nuat phaen boran- in Thai - นวดแผนโบราณ )

Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient body therapy method combining elements of Acupressure and Yoga, just like Japanese Shiatsu Massage. It harmonizes the body, mind and spirit and thus provides an opportunity for self-recovery. The founder of Thai Massage in the 5th century B.C. was Ayurveda expert Dr. Jivaka Komarabhacca, who in Thailand assumed the name Shivago Komarpaj (Shivago means "Father Doctor") and according to legend, was personal physician to the Buddha.

Essence of Traditional Thai Massage

The success of Thai Massage consists in comprehensive therapy. The basic principle is working with energy - positive influencing of the life energy flows in the energy lines of the body (meridians), which distribute energy to the individual organs. If the meridians are weakened or imbalanced, the energy is not flowing as it should, which leads to weakening and degeneration of related organs. By stimulation of acupressure points (energy centres) and action on the meridians, blocks that hinder the energy flows are eliminated. The system is harmonized and the therapy process starts.

Unlike classic reconditioning massage, which consists in the massaging of the soft tissues, Thai masseuses by applying pressure with their fingers, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet combine acupressure with stretching, by which they relax the muscles, joints, sinews, soles, stretch the spinal column and attain overall physical and mental relaxation of the client.

Effects of Thai Massage

Among the main effects of Thai Massage is relief of pain (back, head/neuralgic pains/, muscles, joints), agitation and recovery of the life energy flow, improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation, physiotherapy and regeneration of the organism, increase of motility, strengthening of immunity, detoxification, relief of stress, harmonization and strengthening of the nervous system.

For its numerous stretching exercises, Thai Massage is termed "Applied Hatha Yoga" or "Yoga for the Lazy". The term that best describes the art of Thai Massage is "Yoga Massage". Even if Thai Massage may be painful in case of health problems, it will help you relieve these problems or even eliminate them completely.

Traditional Thai Massage is an excellent method for attaining and maintaining good physical and mental condition. Come and personally experience the magnificent feeling of lightness and relaxation, which comes after Thai Massage. Traditional Thai Massage in the pleasant atmosphere of the Thai Fit studio will relieve you of stress and you will leave the studio with a feeling of peaceful mind and with a smile on your face.

Traditional Thai Massage at the Thai Fit studios:

Type of massage Length
Full Body Massage 60 min.
Full Body Massage 90 min.
Full Body Massage 120 min.
Back Massage 30 min.
Back Massage 60 min.
Leg Massage 30 min.
Head and Neck Massage (pain relief) 30 min.
Head and Face Massage (rejuvenating and anti-stress) 30 min.
Prenatal Massage ** 60 min.
Postnatal Massage ** 60 min.

** For women who are pregnant or after giving birth we offer a special Prenatal Massage and Postnatal Massage. These massages can be performed from 4th (incl.) to 8th (incl.) month of pregnancy and from 6th week after birth.